Lydia Mokdessi is a Brooklyn-based artist and writer. Originally from Chicago, IL, she graduated from George Washington University in 2012 where she was awarded the Maida Withers Dance Construction Company Award for Innovation in Dance.

Her performance work has been presented by Movement Research, Gibney Dance, Triskelion Arts, Fourth Arts Block, AUNTS, The Living Gallery, Dixon Place, and Brooklyn Arts Exchange. She has performed in the work of Anthony Gongora, Heather McCardle, Alexandra Pinel, Stormy Budwig, Emie Hughes, Nadia Tykulsker, and is currently collaborating with Lindsay Reuter, Buck Wanner, and The Bureau for the Future of Choreography.

She is editor of Culturebot and her writing has appeared in MR Performance Journal, MR Critical Correspondence, New York Live Arts Context Notes, American Realness Reading, Baryshnikov Arts Center BAC Stories, and Routine Magazine. She has guest taught with CLASSCLASSCLASS, served as 2016 Guest Curator for the CURRENT SESSIONS, and is co-organizer of Community of Practice, an initiative for emerging dance artists and writers supported by University Settlement.