Anneke Hansen & Lydia Mokdessi

Sarah A.O. Rosner & Lydia Mokdessi Talk ETLE Universe

Kimberly Bartosik's 'Ecsteriority4 (Part 2)' @ Abrons Arts Center

Julie Mayo's 'There, there' @ JACK

LeeSaar on 'Princess Crocodile' @ BAC

The month that was: Faye Driscoll and Beth Gill

Kimberly Bartosik on 'You are my heat and glare' @ NYLA

Nadia Tykulsker and Katie Dean/Heather Bregman @ Triskelion

December @ Danspace: Cori Olinghouse and Megan Kendzior

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Emergency Glitter 2013: Rebecca Warner and Burr Johnson @ Abrons

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Gwen Welliver's Beasts and Plots @ NYLA

Anna Sperber on 'The Superseded Third' @ The Chocolate Factory

Rashaun Mitchell on 'Interface' @ BAC

Aretha Aoki's Las Gravitas @ Danspace

Douglas Dunn's 'Cassations' @ Danspace

Arturo Vidich's 'The Daedalus affect and other dilemmas' presented by NYLA @ Invisible Dog

Adrienne Truscott's 'Too Freedom' @ The Kitchen

Deborah Hay's 'As Holy Sites Go' @ Danspace

Netta Yerushalmy on "Devouring Devouring" @ La Mama

Keith Hennessy's 'Turbulence' @ NYLA


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